Useful links to good stuff, elsewhere on the internet.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Arkham Horror LCG Deckbuilder – an Android deckbuilding app for AH: TCG
ArkhamDB.comthe place to find and share powerful deck builds for AH: TCG
Draw to the Flame – UK-based podcasts about AH:TCG
Mythos Busters – US-based podcasts about AH:TCG

AvP (Alien vs Predator)

Prodos Games – makers of the ‘AvP: The Hunt Begins’ board game
AvP Prodos Games Official Facebook group
AVP Central – Lists and trivia about the Alien and Predator series
AvP Galaxy – great resource for the latest news about everything AvP

The Walking Dead: All Out War

Mantic Games – makers of ‘The Walking Dead: All Out War’
T&G Productions – organisers of the ‘Conflict‘ TWD: All Out War events
Weight of Fire – organisers of TWD: All Out War events and more

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