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If you’re in the market for a decent Chaos Bag, do yourself a favour and visit BoardGameSolutions on Etsy.

One of the key components to Arkham Horror: The Card Game is the Chaos Bag.

This is what you draw the tokens from every time you take a skill test and surprisingly, there isn’t one provided in the core box!

That’s not the biggest of deals though, because your Chaos Bag can be any opaque container, whether it be an actual bag, or just a cup or plastic beaker.

You could even just leave them on the table and promise not to peek when you shuffle them around and draw one, but that’s not very practical.

Why would they do such a thing?

By not including a Chaos Bag in the box, FFG have silently encouraged us all to find our own solutions, which grants the opportunity for us to find something fancy.

I’ve seen people using various dice bags and cups, right through to more elaborate, ornate goblets with Cthulhu himself engraved on them. It’s really up to you as the player to decide what to use.

I went for one of these, which is a drawstring dice bag/tile pouch:

My Chaos Bag
My chosen Chaos Bag

This was made to order by Sarah at Board Game Solutions in the UK and I’m really pleased with it for the following reasons:

  1. It’s a nice size
  2. It’s easy to mix and draw the tokens
  3. It’s collapsible and will lie completely flat, for easy packing and transport
  4. It has a drawstring to keep it closed
  5. It stands up on its own if you fold the top edge over
  6. And most importantly, it’s Lovecraft-themed with fracking Cthulhu himself stitched into it!
Chaos Bag top-down
Just look at all that shuffling space in there!

I went for a black and green colour scheme because I think that fits with the mythos and Arkham Files colour scheme really well. However you can pick from a whole range of different colours and images that will make up the inner lining and stitching on the bag. They are also wully reversible, so you kinda get two bags in one!

Sarah at Board Game Solutions has already sold a bunch of these, so she really doesn’t need my endorsement, but she has it nonetheless! A great product that completes Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

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