Month: February 2019

600 Instagram followers

600 Instagram followers!

Hurray! Another milestone reached on Instagram. Such a vibrant community on there; it’s great to be a part of it! Thanks to everyone for following and sharing your own tabletop escapades. 🙂

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Arkham Horror LCG Deckbuilder

There’s a new deckbuilder for Arkham Horror: The Card Game out on Android. I’ve been helping to test it, so thought I’d share why I think it’s a great addition to your toolbox for fighting off the game’s Eldritch horrors!

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Disc Predator faces an Alien Stalker and an Alien Infant Warrior

AvP: The Painting Begins

I’ve recently started to paint the miniatures from AvP: The Hunt Begins by Prodos games and thought I’d share some of the results here. I also write about why I like the AvP universe(s) so much and explain what got me into them in the first place.

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A gaming reunion of the best sort

I was up at Ben’s again last Sunday, reuniting us with another friend, Daniel. Along with Ben’s other half, Rachel there were four of us. We played Skull, Planetarium, Escape the Dark Castle, Wildlands and Evolution.

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